Water or Oil Based Polyurethane Finishes: Which is Better?

Flooring | Valley Floor Covering Inc.

Water and oil based polyurethanes are used to protect and coat hardwood flooring, but which option is best? If you’re thinking of coating your floor, but you don’t know which method of floor finishing to go for, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will provide an insight into the main differences between the…

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The Advantages Of Loop And Twist Carpet Styles.

First … you might not know that all tufted carpet begins with a loop pile. If cut pile or cut-and-loop pile is desired, loops are cut during manufacturing. In loop styles, loops are left uncut. In cut pile styles, all loops are cut. In cut-and-loop styles, some loops are cut. Pattern and texture are provided…

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Maximalism Style & Why We Love It

Living room flooring | Valley Floor Covering Inc

If you’re looking for a new design that will add lots of personality and color to a room in your home, Maximalism could bring the wow factor that you’re looking for! The opposite of Minimalism’s less-is-more aesthetic, Maximalism leans the other direction with its more-is-more sensibility. Instead of crisp white…

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